Saturday, January 24, 2009

JOHN BELUSHI: National Lampoon's LEMMINGS 1973

John Belushi (pre-SNL) as Joe Cocker, Christopher Guest as Leon Russell and Chevy Chase on drums.

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Anonymous said...

Loved that guy. Nice dude. GREAT physical commedian!

Some of us tried to get him to come by and work out with us betweeen shows at the Garden in 75, but he didn't get up until 5pm.

It was just a few months before Saturday Nite Live hit. The Lemmings cast at that time was, Belushi, Gilda, Billy and Brian Murry, and Harold Ramis as the Beaver. We would catch the midnight show on Sat. and drink with them till early morning after the show. They turned me on to my next gig at the Second City.