Thursday, January 22, 2009


People asked the other day what I have against Steve Martin.

I have nothing against Steve Martin. When he is good, he's the very best that there is. When he's great he's one of the best there ever was. 

Unfortunately, all too often Steve Martin takes on projects that are far beneath his considerable talents. We don't need Steve Martin for that. We don't need him to be in bad films. That's what we have Rob Schneider and Pauly Shore for.

We need him for the things like this. The things that he, and he alone, can do...

                                  "The Great Flydini"

                  "Steve Martin and His Singing Balls"

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Peppo the Clown said...

I couldn't agree more with you, Pat. Steve Martin is an awesome COMEDIAN, not an actor, not a stand-up comic; he is a real comedian, which is something a lot bigger than actor/comic. His early work is just incredible, his sense of the ridiculous and the absurd is something unique. So creative, so original... Besides, he missed the point when portraying Clouseau; he played it funny, when it should be played straight, that was the way Peter Sellers made the character what it was. By the way, did you see Allan Arkin playing Clouseau?. The movie was awful, but he did a great job, funnier than Steve Martin, I can say...