Saturday, January 24, 2009


Evan sent more proofs from last week's photo shoot. Here's another of my favorites.

To find out about having your photos done by Evan Young just click here.


Anonymous said...

clown alley wants you,now give me your wallet

Little John said...

This gives me a very strong feeling that there is a clown behind me with a big foam hammer

Mark Lavender said...

"You arrre oonder my schpelllll...Ya! UND vhen I shay der majick vort, youuuu villll schooow me der FUNNY!... Hey, lookit kiddo, dis ist nicht ein laffink matter!"

Anonymous said...

That wig does not look "yak" to me!!!

Anonymous said...

Wigs, oh to have a yak. Thankfully my clown sports a black wig that is easy to find, BUT I keep my rug 1/4 bald perhaps to make it obvious that it is a wig. I think that I do this more to show to those who look carefully that I have spent hours of stitching and working to enhance my craft.