Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CLOWN ALLEY: Ringling 139th Clown Alley (2009)

Photo courtesy of Larry Clark

Top row: left to right Dustin Portillo, Randy Snowden, Book Kennison, Sean Davis, Lance Brown 

Next row: Eric Allen, Larry Clark, Yvinson Acero, Joy Powers, Julio Ramazini, Ivan Vargas

Bottom row: Brandon Foster, and Trish Snowden.

I thought you might enjoy this. It's the official Press photo for all 13 of us on Zing Zang Zoom!


Little John said...

This is just an observation, and what do I know; for the last twelve years I’ve been an overpaid roustabout in a large Amusement in Central Florida. Everyone looks great in this years RBBB Alley, however in the Circus in my head the Alley would be about 75% August,20% White face, 3 ½% Tramp, a Charley Chaplin and my Character Clown that I stole from Buddy Copland.

Anonymous said...

Note to Little John -

How do I get in touch with you? Are you on CircusSpace.com? where are you in Central FL? I'm in Jupiter (West Palm Beach area).

John Peters

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you folks had 1,400 posts ragging on the Cole Bros clowns, and have said nothing about this.

Talk about prejudice.

Anonymous said...

Regarding your comment on the unfairness here in the comments on the Cole Bros clowns. I have heard good things about the Cole Bros alley from last season actually, but you're probably a little bit right about the prejudice. Maybe just a little anti-Latin bias going on there.

I think any circus out there actually putting up a bigtop and employing an 'alley' of clowns (as opposed to just one) is at least trying to carry on a tradition in difficult times. My hat is off to these producers and the Cole Bros clowns too. But, the public's taste in circuses (and clowns) has changed, and like it or not, the circus going public has a vote. They vote with their money. The 'ritual circus' is going fast, they are not going to survive if they don't change for the better. You want tradition? I think Giovanni Zoppe has the right idea about how to do tradition. It looks to me like the BIG tent shows are in their last decade.

Anonymous said...

Well, looking at the above photo one sees potential. More effort in make-up and wiggery would be appreciated.

Looking at the Johnny Pugh/Elvin Bale sorry sack of clowns, one can only see complete hopelessness.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

To the current cast of ZZZ -- custom wigs are worth the dough and make-up is cheap so use it.