Friday, February 13, 2009

SHEMP HOWARD: "Smoked Hams" (1934)

A Shemp solo short.

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Peppo the Clown said...

After seeing Shemp in this short I can only think... what a pitty he went back to the Stooges... He could do so much better on his own. I understand Moe pressured him a lot in order to get him back after Curly's stroke, Shemp didn't want to join the act again, but being a family man, his family (namely, his brother) was before his own personal projects...
Daphne Pollard was great, I remember her as Oliver Hardy's wife in a couple of movies, she was the perfect "comedy wife" if there is such a thing. And Lionel Stander as a yiddish comedian?. Oy vey... He appeared in quite a few Vitaphone shorts, I saw him with Fatty Arbuckle too... A very funny and interesting short. Thanks, Pat!.