Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ELMO GIBB: Jose Cole Circus 2009

Dean "Elmo Gibb" Chambers will be returning to the Jose Cole Circus for the 2009 season and touring the upper midwest. To find out more about the show, please click here.

I could be wrong but I believe this will be Elmo's 32nd season as a professional circus clown.



Anonymous said...

Does he have any plans to get a proper job, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

RBB&B Clown College Class of 1976- that really was 32 years ago . . .

And he still looks marvelous!

Bruce the Clown

Mike Naughton said...

Be it known that Elmo Gibb has every dollar he ever made -- besides a fantastic prop builder he has a financial mind like Bernie Madoff -- it, too, is under house arrest.

Best of the best to your season in the frosty climes of the upper MId-west. We will await word from you when the pass is cleared and the mail run resumes.

Go forth and amuse!

Anonymous said...

Lubin and I are having a race for the old folks home. Peers is already there sweeping off the welcome mat. Amongst the three of us is over a century in the ring.


Anonymous said...

It's so hard to believe it was over 30 years ago that we were friends. Enjoy your season. Maybe one day our paths will cross again.