Thursday, February 12, 2009

SWINGING THE ALPHABET: The Stooges and Beyond

Moe Larry and Curly from Violent is the Word for Curly (1938). In 2005, film historian Richard Finegan identified the composer of the song as Septimus Winner, who had originally published it in 1875 as "The Spelling Bee".

Swinging the Alphabet


B-A-bay, B-E-bee, B-I-bicky-bi, B-O bo, bicky-bi bo, B-U bu, bicky bi bo bu.
C-A-cay, C-E-cee, C-I-cicky-ci, C-O co, cicky-ci co, C-U cu, cicky ci co cu.
D-A-day, D-E-dee, D-I-dicky-di, D-O do, dicky-di do, D-U du, dicky di do du.
F-A-fay, F-E-fee, F-I-ficky-fi, F-O fo, Ficky-fi fo, F-U fu, ficky fi fo fu.
G-A-gay, G-E-gee, G-I-gicky-gi, G-O go, Gicky-gi go, G-U gu, gicky gi go gu.
H-A-hay, H-E-hee, H-I-hicky-hi, H-O ho, hicky-hi ho, H-U hu, hicky hi ho hu.
J-A-jay, J-E-jee, J-I-jicky-ji, J-O jo, Jicky-ji jo, J-U ju, jicky ji jo ju.
K-A-kay, K-E-kee, K-I-kicky-ki, K-O ko, Kicky-ki ko, K-U ku, kicky ki ko ku.
L-A-lay, L-E-lee, L-I-licky-li, L-O lo, Licky-li lo, L-U lu, Curly's a dope

M-A-may, M-E-mee, M-I-micky-mi, M-O mo, Micky-mi mo, M-U mu, micky mi mo mu.

A politically incorrect parody of "Swinging the Alphabet", written by Danny "Oingo Boingo and every film score of the last 20 years" Elfman, from his brother Richard Elfman's film Forbidden Zone (1980) that features some great late 70s eccentric dance.

And... since we've brought it up, here's the "Bim Bam Boom" scene, also from Forbidden Zone.

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