Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Huel Speight

After a remarkable run of, I believe 16 years on the Ringling show, Mr. Huel Speight has enjoyed an almost equally long run at Circus Circus Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.


Anonymous said...

Huel should be on a $100.00 chip!

He was a great, positive influence on my clowning and work ethic while touring the RBBBC Blue Unit Clown Alley.

GregDeSanto said...

You can't sing the praises of Huel K. Speight enough!

He leads by example, has a great work ethic as stated above, and is one of the nicest people you will ever encounter in or out of clown alley.

All hail Huel!

Anonymous said...

Huel is a sweetheart! One of the nicest guys on the show.


Anonymous said...

Do you still have the Volkswagon Beetle you won at the CC reunion in 1987?
I will concur that Huel is a gentleman and a scholar!
Great juggler too!
Jeff Darnell
He's also from Durham