Saturday, November 18, 2006

Rocco 119th

Photo courtesy of Sue Lenz

I'm not sure who the hairy-armed wife is but the husband is the extremely gifted Rocco Paris from the 119th edition Ringling Red.


Anonymous said...

I believe the wife is played by Dana Nelson (CC 83).


Anonymous said...

Y'know, this one time, when I was at Clown College...
...I was a fatsuited, henpecking shrew of a "wife" who took MUCH joy in beating her "husband" over the head with a turkey leg in a carwash gag...I believe the gag was written by Ron Severini.

What year was the 119th? If it was 1989 or after, then the pic might be from a later incarnation of that gag.

-Katie Costello

GregDeSanto said...

This photo is from the Haunted House-Ghostbusters Gag. Rocco & Dana used to make their enterence around the track in the car.

JustLarry said...

Why that none other than Dana Nelson.
Dana was the first person I saw ever do cigar boxes. It was on Ringling Red 115th as a Track Gag and it was good. I was 7 years old!
Dana is here in Memphis, He moved here with Toto, Danny Davany, Brad Zupp, and Magician Tony Brent to work at Circus Circus (now Gold Strike).
He is now The entertainment manager for Sam's Town casino.
(who is apparently Dana's Pr agent, wanna book him?)

JustLarry said...

This is from the 117th edition (King Tusk). It is the haunted house gag entrance.

Anonymous said...

i wasn't originally the husband. that was john "checkers" darrah, i was the ghost in the tub.john came to dress rehearsals late so i told vogie i knew the gag jumped in and did it for the rest of the tour. thanks john.