Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Night at the Movies: Buster Keaton in SPITE MARRIAGE

Buster Keaton in a scene from his final silent feature, SPITE MARRIAGE (1929).

Here Buster's wife (Dorothy Sebastian) has passed out drunk and he attempts to move her unwieldy, uncooperative body and put her to bed.

This scene was later reworked and performed by Buster and his wife Elenor when Buster clowned in the ring of the Cirque Medrano.

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GregDeSanto said...

Buster also gave the scene to Red Skelton for one of his MGM comedies. Donald O'Connor performed it (poorly) in the "Buster Keaton Story", one of the many piss-poor Hollywood re-thinkings of great performers lives.

Buster also presented it on the Ed Sullivan show in the late 50's.