Monday, March 31, 2008


America's One Ring Wonder, the Kelly-Miller Circus rolls into Gilmer, TX today for two performances, possibly indoors for the first time this season.

I can't wait to show Casey Cainin McCoy MY "indoors-on-a-rainy-day" happy dance!

Showtimes at 4:30 and 7:30 PM.

I had a bit more excitement than I wanted Saturday afternoon in Grand Saline.

I thought that it was Friday.

It felt like Friday to me.

I got a late check out from the motel, stopped for breakfast and contemplated doing laundry or hitting the Wal-Mart with all my free time when I passed the lot, saw all the cars and realized that it was Saturday and showtime was in 12 minutes.

I raced onto the lot and put my makeup on faster than I ever have before, jumped into my costume and started come-in just three minutes late.

"Can I get you something... like a watch?", I heard from Casey after opening.

"No, but I could use a calendar", I replied.

Some photos of the 2008 Kelly-Miller show were posted this morning on Buckles' blog.


Matthew said...

I keep a calander on the wall in my trailer and actually cross off the days just so something like that does not happen to me. I am quite sure that I am going to show up for a show on Monday or wander off on a Sunday one of these days...

B.E.Trumble said...

A couple years ago I kept having truck problems. About one a week in the morning when it was time to leave the lot I'd have a dead battery. Replaced the battery ...checked the alternator... Still happened. One day about 30 seconds before the first clown appearance in the show I wandered through the back yard near the back door and noticed the Latin American clown sitting in my truck applying his makeup. I don't think it too him a minute. The performance director blew his whistle and the clown was out of the truck in a flash racing into the tent and leaving the door wide open. Turned out that he did that every day. Door stayed open with the interior light on and the radio playing until after the second show when he collected his makeup. And it killed the battery. Didn't know whether to applaud the speed with which he could get ready to perform, or to string him up. Settled on locking the truck doors.

Ben Trumble