Sunday, March 30, 2008

KELLY-MILLER: East Towakoni, TX

The Kelly-Miller cast and crew showed just what their made of today as thunderstorms struck last night and most all of the show vehicles had to be towed off of the lot in Grand Saline. After arriving this morning on the lot in East Towakoni most of the show's vehicles had to be towed onto the lot.

Mud; lots and lots of mud. The kind that make it next to impossible to set up in much less perform.

So the 2:00 PM show started at a quarter to three but the 4:30 started just a few minutes late. I can't believe the crew got the trucks in place and the tent up. I can't believe that none of the performers took a tumble performing on a ring mat stretched over lump after giant lump of slippery, wet mud.

But the show went on and the people of East Towakoni certainly go their money's worth.

Rumor has it that tomorrow's shows in Gilmer, TX will take place indoors as Gilmer received 6 inches of rain this morning and the lot will be in even worse shape than today's.

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Anonymous said...

All this takes place cause, "there's no crying in baseball"!