Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Video link and comments courtesy of Steve Langley

Once again, I apologize for the initial name mix up.

Here is a brief description of Steve's funeral. It was a very appropriate clown send off. It was a 6 nose salute as I supplied all of the pall bearers with noses to wear. It killed. Wasn't even fair... You woulda loved it...

Here Ya go...
Well folks we buried our friend today...
We sent Steve off in grand style this afternoon. Hardin Minor and I supplied red noses for the pall bearers. We gave him a 6 clown nose salute as we carried the coffin from the church to the hearse and from the hearse to the grave. The gesture was well received by friends and family alike. Steve would have loved it as well. It was good to hear chuckles from the crowd and people commenting "perfect" when, as the coffin approached us to take it to the car, I quietly gave the command to the other pall bearers... "time to "nose up" boys"... the noses all went and you could hear and feel the collective appreciation for the gesture. Lots of smiles and laughs... It was perfect for a fool like Steve to be carried to his final resting place by a bunch of red nosed wearing fools. The ceremony at the church and graveside was beautifully executed. We ended it all with a group release of individual colorful balloons... as Steve's ex wife Sarah exclaimed to everyone "I hope you enjoyed the show". A perfect send off for a showman like Steve. It was good to be surrounded by people who were all aware of what a special person he was. We've lost another one of the good ones.

Thanks again for all you've done for my friend.
Hope you made it home safe and sound...

Steve Langley
The Fettucini Brothers
PO Box 2266
Huntersville, NC 28070

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