Friday, April 04, 2008

GRANDMA: Star Morning Show with JR and Kate

The Star Morning Show with JR and Kate gets a visit from Grandma (most likely Mark Gindick), who, get this, creeps out Kate.

Isn't that a hoot? You see she doesn't like clowns!

Having gone to college for Communication and concentrated on Radio, do you know what creeps me out? Do you want to know what I don't like? Lame "happy chat" morning shows that play "good time oldies" that "get you going in the morning with a smile" and employ vacuous, under-talented, insincere phonies like "Kate" who engage in contrivied "bits" like this.

What exactly was the point of putting a silent circus clown on the radio in the first place? It's a truly stupid idea made all the more worthless by this frumpy, unpleasant human "Cathy" cartoon.

I'll bet she has a blog about her cat.

Circus and clowning are entering their fourth century of existence here in America. Radio, and the like these that have ruined it, will be long gone and replaced by the iPod by 2015.

The seventh caller gets to put on a pair of great big clown shoes and kick Kate really hard until she realizes she's wasting her life and our time and decides to get out of the business. The video of this will be up on their website.

"Up after the break, Gary Lewis and The s'This Diamond Ring on your home of Continuous Good Time Oldies, Power Y105.1!!!"



BAMBOUK said...

Related "Clown Interview" news: has three recent interviews with NYC clowns. Joel Jeske, Ryan Kasprzak and Mark Lonergan talk about 'Cut to the Chase' on episode 176; Joel and Downtown Clown's Christopher Lueck talk about their Slapstick Dojo on episode 205; And Bambouk (hey, that's me!) is interviewed at the end of podcast # 207...but you can also find just the Bambouk interview here:


Anonymous said...

Now THAT'S funny. A highly articulate outburst made all the more entertaining by the fact that every word is gospel truth. Bravo!
BTW, I saw ads for the Shrine date at Mellon Arena and thought it was a misprint about an appearance by Grandma. Doesn't Big Apple have some sort of exclusive deal with Barry for the character?

Matthew said...

Yeah, that is Mark. Barry is in Germany and I'm Boston with the Big Apple show.

Grandma does occasional appearances with Shrine shows. As much as I love the intimacy of the one ring, I have to say that it is very exciting to play a three ring arena.

Wade G. Burck said...

You will find that the more skilled you are, the more intimate a 3 ring arena becomes. Ask any young Pop Warner athlete who scores a couple of touchdowns at the Gator Bowl during state championships.
Wade Burck